The Story to Keep us going!

SA Strong is a stylish t-shirt with a powerful message that ignites the resiliency in us all! The design of the shirt representations our connectivity in the wake of social distancing but most importantly our willingness to get through these difficult times together by coming together as a community that supports one another! The SA Strong community initiative was created by Marco Garcia, the owner of the Creative Mango, who saw an opportunity to take action to assist his beloved community. With the launch of SA Strong apparel, The Creative Mango is donating 20% of the proceeds to small businesses and families affected by Covid19. Below you can learn more about the small businesses and organizations benefiting for this initiative. The contributes from this campaign has helped lend monetary support or resources to the follow causes:

· SA Food Bank @safoodbank

· Folklores Coffee

· Chak Therapy @chak_therapyítulo-1-2-1600x830.jpg


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